Developers – Your Style Homes 

Working with Developers – Your Style Homes for the first time I was able to use the existing furniture and accessories to style these 4 units in Hawthorne QLD. All I needed to do is add some extra pieces to their budget to bring the whole look together. This was a renovation and put back onto the market giving buyers a comfortable unit to live in close to the city.

I took photos after the renovation was almost completed as styling is one of the end jobs that needs to be done before its ready to hit the real estate market.

Unit 1

Before                                             After

CHS-YSHU1-Living0       CHS-YSHU1-Living1

CHS-YSHU1-Mbed0        CHS-YSHU1-Mbed1

CHS-YSHU1-Bed2-0       CHS-YSHU1-Bed2-1

CHS-YSHU1-Bathroom0      CHS-YSHU1-Bathroom1

Unit 2

Before                                             After

CHS-YSHU2-Living0      CHS-YSHU2-Living1

Unit 3

Before                                             After

CHS-YSHU3-Living0      CHS-YSHU3-Living1

CHS-YSHU3-Courtyard0     CHS-YSHU3-Courtyard1

Unit 4

Before                                             After

CHS-YSHU4-Living0      CHS-YSHU4-Living1

Your Style Homes – Developers brought an out of date block of units. Bringing the old units to life giving each one their own separate courtyards, security and revamping the inside creating modern units.