Property Styling Consultant

Property Styling Consultant

 Is your property on the market, but not moving? Frustrated by it not getting anywhere?

This property styling consultation is exactly what you need then. I will help aid you in the preparation of your home by giving you information and styling tips to help create the overall look for your selected target market.

There are several options to choose from if you are looking at selling your property. Ideally you want to create a space in which the potential buyers are viewing the house as their home and by styling your house before the sale, it really is a small investment, which will make a huge difference to your property for others to see it’s full potential. I, as your property styling consultant, I look at the space in a new angle and therefore, this new perspective will allow for your property to get the best results in feeling and looking fantastic, whilst creating a welcoming and inviting vibe. I am also very conscious of your needs when styling and will strive to support you throughout the process.


1. Starter Package

This is for home’s that are currently on the market or just in need of a fresh set of eyes to re-vamp the house, to make that sale by adding value to your home. It is ideal for the budget conscious, who would prefer to use their current furnishings to re-create their home and give it an updated and renewed feel by making a few adjustments. In this package we will run through the house, inside and outside, and recommendations and suggestions will be given to help you improve your home in order to create that sale. How to create more space and de-clutter is a key objective as it is a cost effective solution in re-designing your furniture layout. Call to arrange a property styling consultant today to take the pressure off.

Depending on the size of the house, it generally takes 1-2hrs to complete.

2. Comprehensive Package

The comprehensive package is a detailed and thorough consultation that goes through everything inside and outside the property has, before the hitting the market. After a full walk through of the house, an in-depth action plan and priority list will then be created together, which will give you recommendations and ideas that will help to reduce your stress within this chaotic time of selling your home. Examples on effective furniture layouts will be provided and suggestions to improve colour, lighting and the over all flow within your home will also be given.

This package usually takes around 2-3hrs depending on the size of the property. A few things we look at is the furniture, art, lighting, colours, linen, accessories, finishing touches, patio, entertainment area, cleaning, storage, gardens, painting and the outside appeal.

In these consultations we will look at ways that we can incorporate and work with the furniture, accessories etc, that you already have as well as covering the other items that are needed to complete the look of your home. I will help you to prepare everything that you need to get your home ready for the market, as well as give you tips to make the whole process easy and do-able. Have a look at my Design Tips page for more inspiration.