Styling with Candles

Styling with Candles

IMG_1870Candles have come a long way since the days of being used mainly for lovely, romantic candlelit dinners or as a backup in case the lights went out. Now they not only make your home smell great, they are also a wonderful styling accessory!

I love walking into my home and smelling the fresh perfumed aroma of a soy scented candle. It’s so simple to keep your home smelling great and looking good at the same time!

If you’re selling your home, it’s a really good idea to have several strategically placed around the house too. This is one of my favourite techniques, because it totally freshens up a home and gives buyers an experience through another sense, rather than just look and feel.

The Nose Knows

Smell is often a sense that is totally overlooked when it comes to staging a home. We spend so much time and effort in getting the look that we often forget about the other senses we all have. In fact, did you know that smell is the main determinant of flavour in foods! Without smells, foods would taste bland! [1]

When it comes to getting people to buy things, light and sound are the two obvious tools, but smell has long been used to great effect to encourage people to buy. A study done at Washington State University found that by using a simple citrus scent throughout a home decor store enticed consumers to spend on average 20% more than without any scent [2]. Banks are also getting into the act by introducing the soothing smell of vanilla through their air-conditioning ducts, as it is believed it soothes tension in customers who are standing in line [3].

And don’t get me started on that old chestnut of walking past the coffee shop in the morning and being magically drawn in by the earthy smell of fresh ground coffee. Add a freshly baked cinnamon scroll hot out the oven and I am in heaven!

Candle ConfusionIMG_1743

But, simply putting a candle on a table or sideboard for the aroma is not enough. It has to look a part of the decor and add to the ‘wow’ factor. As with styling any home for sale (or just for yourself), making everything work together is key.

In the pictures I have used a candle from Pure Scents – Soy Scented Candles in Melbourne. The owner, Danielle, has created a range of lovely soy scented candles, and the wooden top and stylish glass helps create a great feature. By adding a plant or accessory, a lone candle can then be supported in a centre piece display fit for any coffee table, desk, or book shelf.

Styling with candles you can use different candle shapes and sizes works too. It adds interest to the room and evokes subtle aromas that tickle the senses.

Where else can you use candles?  Anywhere in the house –

·       On desks with a small display of accessories

·       In kitchens on the bench top in the corner to add a little luxury

·       Use candles in bathrooms, along with some rolled up face cloths or small accessories

·       On coffee tables along with some books

·       On outdoor settings in a lantern

PureScents - Candles2Obviously, don’t go overboard with the perfume smell either, as it can get overwhelming and turn buyers off. Two to three candles throughout should be enough. You want the scent to be refreshing but subtle and in the background, almost out of conscious awareness after a while. You want the home and styling to do the selling … the aroma is there simply to put people in a good mood.

So next time you are thinking of how to create a display, try out candles as one of your items. Not only will it add a touch of class to your vignette, it will smell great too!

Jump over and check out Pure Scents – Soy Scented Candles Facebook page to find out more information.

Have fun & Happy Styling!!

Yvonne  xx






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