Tips on preparing to sell your house

Tips on Preparing to Sell Your House

Not sure where to start…well hopefully I can help you get started in the right direction!
Here are some tips on preparing to sell your house as this can be a daunting task.

Not only do you have to get the right real estate agent you also have to sort out all your belongings you have built up over the years.

First of all… know your market check out what other homes in your area are going for, before putting yours on the market.

– Are you targeting families, couple’s or single people?

Understand who you are selling too, so that way you know who your marketing too.


Before – Mix & Match – Cre8tiv Home Styling



After – Mix & Match – Cre8tiv Home Styling

In the above photo it’s a mix & match I did some time ago…when I quoted there was a big open space with little bits of furniture around the whole lounge room, plus entry… TV cabinet was in front of the window, the lounge was facing opposite so as soon as you walked in the front door it was blocking the whole room. A small bookcase in the corner with some small accessories. To make it more inviting and welcoming I turned the lounge around, created an entry feature, turned this into the formal lounge room & created a separate TV area in another part of the home. Now as you walked in it felt inviting and plenty of room to move. 

Then… my biased opinion is hire a home stager/property stylist to help you work out a plan of attack. A quick and easy way to get tips on preparing to sell your house!

You see we take the emotions out of your home & come in with a fresh set of eyes. Knowing what you need to do so it all looks good inside & out.

As property stylist we want you to get the best results the first time around.  This is giving yourself the very best chance in selling your property as it hits the market.

Be prepared!!


After – Mink Home Staging

In the above photo it was an empty apartment with no areas for the dining/lounge. However we have created the separate spaces and yet still giving them their own spaces. Defining areas really help buyers see where they can put there own furniture.  

Tips on preparing to sell your house inside

  • De-clutting – clothes, books, work areas etc
  • Personal things & photos all taken down
  • Art – you may love it but others may not
  • Do you have completely different rooms e.g, colours, unusual spaces.
  • Is your furniture dated or not in the best condition

Outside – Mink Home Staging

Tips on preparing to sell your house outside

  • Does the gardening & lawns need doing
  • Does the front of the house need touching up with paint
  • Do your fences or the carport need fixing
  • Does it have street appeal
  • Remove all cobwebs

Pool Area Mink Home Staging

Tips on preparing to sell your house Inside & Outside           

  • A really good clean, amazing how a place comes up with a spring clean. This makes a huge difference inside & out.
  • Pets – you need to remove all evidence (especially during open homes)
  • Do you have items/furniture blocking doors or windows
  • Painting or patching up areas
  • Are all the lights working

Once you have sorted the house out you need to start working out who is the best person to sell your property. At least interview 3 real estate agents so you can get an idea on price, rapport they have with people, also they are wanting to work with you not against you. I have had some experiences with agents and lets say there are all sorts out there… some are good sellers & others maybe great when your buying.

So make sure you pick the one that is a good match for you.

I know with our investment property they were great when we bought, but to sell the property, no thanks. We also had another agency managed our rental property… however I definitely wouldn’t use them to sell.

The key factors….

* right price
* right agent
* right style

=  your home presented at it’s very best to get you results!

It’s now ready for the property market!


Sell Your Home Faster

Just a thought… Would you go & put your car up for sale tomorrow? No not until you checked out the current market for that model & then you would prepare it for the market, Detailing the inside & out… which is exactly the same as a house.

Take that initial time to prepare it for sale and you will get better results. Whether it’s at a higher price or a faster sale!

Remember your creating a home for people to walk in & fall in love.  Let them imagine how they can see themselves living in the house.

It’s all about connecting with your buyer, plus a point of difference is to be standing out from the neighbour’s or similar homes in your area.

Have fun & Happy Styling!

Yvonne xx

Photo credits: Cre8tiv Home Styling, Mink Home Staging, Clipart.
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